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Our Mission

Model, innovator, and creative Mikey Kravitz, has created the NEPTUNE SKIN brand to fulfill a need in a long devoid space in the market of men and skincare in general. Offering organic, clean and high quality formulations, NEPTUNE SKIN is tailored for those with special skin care needs. Often times battling with razor bumps, products with too many chemicals, and those not made for sensitive skin, Mikey created the solution: a fresh perspective, empowering visuals, natural properties, a honest and transparent viewpoint, infused with the best ingredients at an affordable price. Now, skin of all colors, gender and backgrounds will finally feel understood and catered to.

Neptune is Freedom For Next Level!

Rule Your Own World

A note from our Founder

My personal struggle with my skin health over the years caused me to create products that are minimal and truly effective. As a consumer i would often feel unseen in the market as a black man with sensitive skin and i never found products i believed in or a brand i truly identified with. NEPTUNE SKIN was birthed from that void of being unseen and now we are here to create a culture everyone can be seen it.

I hope our products becomes your go to skincare essentials and the new normal not only in your bathroom but the new normal in your life

-Mikey Kravitz

Water moves freely and knows no bounds, here at Neptune we are founded on freedom and boundless possibilites


- and feel empowered while doing so.

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